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About Us

“The Muses, daughters of Zeus and the goddess Mnemosyne, were charged with the responsibility of inspiring artists and promoting the arts”


 At Muse Phone Cases, we strive to do the same.  Smartphones have become an integral part of our story, and as such, need to be protected from the daily falls, bumps and scratches they may occasionally encounter.  Muse Phone Cases helps you protect your phone while adding a touch of style and elegance in the process.  


We started out in 2013 in a small facility and have since grown into a full studio with offices in Toronto, Canada and Niagara Falls, USA.  With thousands of satisfied clients, we strive for only the highest quality items and prints.  Our products give people an opportunity to express themselves to the world.  To help tell their story and show a little glimpse into their beauty.  So go ahead, let us help you tell your story.